Light Trail works with socially minded leaders to help them realize the full potential of an inclusive, purpose driven organization.


  • - Enabling and guiding strategic change
  • - Building capability in people, in teams and improving organizational systems
  • - Helping rediscover purpose, adapt and renew
  • - Growing diverse and inclusive cultures

Our goal is to engage, develop and support people to improve long-term organizational effectiveness through a clear sense of belonging.

Good for People

Create deep engagement.

When people are aligned with the purpose of your organization it builds stronger
support, deeper connections and ongoing loyalty. You attract and retain great people and community partnerships when you
include everyone in your mission.

Good for the Planet

Build sustainable impact.

Deliver real value and improve overall
impact by leading your team, your
customers and suppliers toward better
social and environmental practices. You don't need to compromise values - good business is good for business.

Good for Profit/Purpose

Growth aligned with purpose.

Connect people to your purpose by
engaging everyone in their role delivering positive impacts and results. You improve clarity for everyone if they feel the why
behind the organization and can work with you to deliver the outcomes you want.



Trusted advice without the dependency model


By working with you to build capability in your people we guide you toward sustainable change and develop your organization's effectiveness

in alignment with your purpose. We do this so we can help you where and when we're needed, but so that you and your team can take it

forward and create a stronger future together.


Strategic Planning   |   Change Management   |   Organizational Design   |   Operational Development   |   a Human Approach


Looking for advice, additional support or temporary senior expertise centred on values? Please reach out to Light Trail to discuss how we might help.






Our commitment


Light Trail has made a commitment to use its business as a force for good.


Not only do we have a different way of working with our clients, but we have gone the extra mile in becoming a Certified B Corps. This third party certification

recognizes we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

We also donate 1% of revenue each year toward non-profit organizations

supporting environmental causes to help our planet and have mandatory

community volunteer hours for all shareholders.




How we can help
Think of us as an on-tap resource, but with a focus on your success as part of building a happier global community. Want to know more?