Light Trail’s support for DIALOG’s B Corp journey

by | Oct 4, 2023



Light Trail was engaged by DIALOG to help with their continuing journey of purposeful business. The goal was to use the certification process and comprehensive B Corp framework as a tool to assess the organization, highlighting areas that would benefit from further improvement through positive change.


DIALOG became a Certified B Corp in April 2023, demonstrating DIALOG’s ongoing commitment to their purpose of meaningfully improving the wellbeing of our communities and the environment we all share.


DIALOG is a multidisciplinary design practice, rising to meet the big world challenges of our time. From climate change to social equity, they seek to create meaningful and lasting improvements to the communities and environment we all share through the power of design. As a collaborative team comprising architects, urban planners and designers, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, and sustainability consultants, their approach fosters harmonious design while advancing the social aspects that DIALOG has placed at the forefront of its business model. Their portfolio spans a wide range of projects, including urban vibrancy, health and wellness, transportation, education, arts and culture, residential, retail, and commercial spaces, and mixed-use solutions encompassing an ever-expanding combination of these areas. DIALOG’s core values and commitment to equitable, inclusive design are embedded into the built environment and reflected in their history of award-winning projects that positively transform the places they inhabit.

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Within an industry sector that is constantly changing and managing ever complex client expectations, companies can sometimes find it difficult to adapt or keep up with new constraints and obligations. Many are often steeped in traditional ways of working that have been embedded for decades, but that now fail to meet the changing needs of society, or address the growing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that are subsequently driving new requirements.

Sometimes though, organizations have already managed to redefine their future, creating new and innovative ways to break free of these perceived constraints. With a new direction in place, often companies need help on their path toward a way of thinking and working that encompasses a more inclusive approach to mixing profit and purpose. This helps them address not only their own organization’s needs, but also includes greater ambitions, better outcomes and more positive impact through their work.

How Light Trail helped

Through their work as consultants that drive purposeful business change, Greg and Steve were very happy to help support the journey of aligning DIALOG’s impactful work with the B Impact Assessment. Providing their expertise and advice of navigating the complexities of the B Corp process, as well as guidance on social and environmental best practice, Light Trail worked with the leadership and staff of DIALOG to create an implementation plan and longer-term improvement roadmap that focused on working to add value to DIALOG’s approach and meet the goal of certification. 

As the largest multi-disciplinary design and engineering practice in North America to become certified, DIALOG has further demonstrated commitment toward their purpose of using design to meaningfully improve the wellbeing of our communities and the environment we all share.

Light Trail added to DIALOG’s understanding and integration of social and environmental knowledge, further linking purpose to their everyday activities and ultimately guiding them toward successful B Corp certification.

DIALOG is a fantastic organization with a broad scope of positive impact around the world. With their work centered on developing and improving the infrastructure and foundations of our communities through the design of the built environment, they help create a more inclusive future, targeting the wellbeing of people and minimizing the impact to the environment.

We are very happy working with such a values-aligned company and using the B Corp framework to help them further improve and integrate their purpose in everything they do.

Greg Tooke
Light Trail

Light Trail’s solutions

Purposeful business

Through guidance of the B Corp process, we were able to improve and further integrate social and environmental best practice, highlighting areas of improvement and helping establish a roadmap for ongoing progress. This has helped provide clarity to the DIALOG team in how to continue embedding their purposeful business journey in all aspects of their work.

B Corp

Light Trail provided additional context and expertise through Greg as a trained B Corp consultant, supporting DIALOG to build their knowledge and capabilities within the B Corp framework. By working across departments we helped the teams understand the integration and measurement of impact across all disciplines and company functions, which guided them toward successful B Corp certification.


B Corp certification is always a transformative process and requires support for people and organizations to help them understand how their day-to-day activities can embed a more purposeful business approach. With key expertise in supporting change and outlining best practice in embedding this approach, Steve helped provide a framework for successful change, enabling the DIALOG team to understand the steps required for them to integrate the work at their own pace, and in alignment with their own internal processes.

Light Trail and DIALOG

Working with Light Trail, DIALOG became a certified B Corp in April 2023. Through this process DIALOG have been able to build their own internal capability and fully embed purposeful business practices.

Future design and engineering projects will soon have an integrated tracking system that assesses social and environmental impact across multiple dimensions. By identifying and highlighting areas of positive impact internal company processes are progressively being aligned to embed, measure, and set targets for further social and environmental improvement. 

Through this integrated approach as a Certified B Corp, DIALOG can continue to establish their business as a force for good, in alignment with their purpose of using design to meaningfully improve the wellbeing of our communities and the environment we all share.

It is not often that any organization ventures on an existential journey – one that is truly transformative. For us, committing to B-Corp is such a moment. So, we do not take it lightly. Getting the best advice, partnering with the right people, finding sympathetic minds has been instrumental. Light Trail has been extraordinary. Greg and Steve have constantly supported us and provided valuable insights and guidance, helping us navigate the certification process with ease. We know the journey is not done. That we will continue to raise the bar and set ever loftier goals. And we will always rely on kindred souls to make the difference we aim to have in the world.

Antonio Gómez-Palacio

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