Light Trail Leadership Team

I work with socially minded leaders and companies to help them build purpose-driven organizations.

Centering on purposeful business, I help leaders translate their values into meaningful outcomes to ensure that when their company is successful, so are their people, their communities and the planet.

I help bring clarity to align resources and support implementation, and for those companies that aim to go that extra step, I fully support organizations through the entire B Corp assessment journey and on to certification.

Working in the areas of strategic planning, governance and organizational effectiveness, my goal is to engage, develop and support people to improve over the long-term. By balancing the needs of profit and purpose across the spectrum of corporations, non-profits and other community service agencies, I act as a strategic change partner or advisor to help those struggling with roadblocks, needing new ideas, or for those that want to realize the full potential of their purpose driven organization.

Leading with my own values and having a broad background of experience, I have worked on many varied projects where organizations struggle to find a key resource or need interim senior leadership in a specific area. By rapidly understanding and collaborating with existing people, it’s easier to learn how to develop and utilize their skills to create a greater, more sustained impact.

My sweet spot is working with values-driven boards or senior leadership to help them build and engage their teams to sustain positive change. I love the process of digging deep into understanding the issues, challenging conventional wisdom and collaboratively working on new ideas to build outcomes that have a positive impact.

Greg Tooke always remains focused on his values and passion. He is a Board Chair of Squamish Helping Hands Society dedicated to supporting people in the community through working to inspire hope and independence. He is also the Learning Chair for B Local Vancouver and a Knowledge Philanthropist with Vantage Point. He has also previously been Board Chair of Brightside Community Homes, a Coach/Advisor with Community Futures BC and has shared his experience by helping coach and mentor new ventures and startups with RADIUS Ventures, entrepreneurship@UBC and BC Innovation Council.

I love to work with socially minded leaders, teams, and individuals to build and embed purpose-driven principles in their work and personal endeavours.

As a certified B Corp we use their framework to help translate purpose and values into meaningful outcomes. By also transforming how people perceive change I guide them to redefine success in business, so when their company wins, so do their people, their communities and the planet.

I am passionate about empowering people to understand and embrace their organization’s purpose in order to establish a climate of trust and build a sense of belonging. I use a people-centric approach to connect and build authentic relationships to guide growth, enhance capabilities and unleash each individual’s personal power.

With a hands-on practical approach, I enjoy helping individuals, teams, and organizations realize that people are their biggest assets, that cultures can be transformed, sustainable changes implemented, and engagement increased. I take the time to learn about each person’s individuality and experiences, and by instinctively drawing out their specific situation I customize my approach to account for their needs by tailoring and guiding their development and growth.

With my experience in organizational effectiveness and change management I draw on my technical, operational, management and consulting experience from a variety of industries across Europe and North America. By focusing on the application of skills and building capability, everyone can confidently bring their whole self to every situation whilst embracing and driving sustainable outcomes, and ultimately using their business as a force for good.

Steve Doherty is a Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP™) and a founding member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). He has over 20 years’ experience with a unique combination of technical, operational, management and consulting experience in a variety of industries across Europe and North America.

Trusted Partners

As your trusted partner, we accept that we are not experts in every area. We’ll always let you know if we can’t help directly and will refer you to people we trust within our own networks whenever possible.

Sometimes that’s all the help you need, and we’re happy to do that. Just let us know what it is you might be struggling with, or where you think you need some help and we’ll point you in the right direction. You can be sure the people we refer you to will offer you great service, have the knowledge and expertise, and just as important, are values aligned with Light Trail and how we work with our clients.

If you believe you have the same values and are interested in collaboration, we’d be happy to hear more about you