Our Approach

Light Trail’s approach to change with purpose involves three key aspects:

  • 9Connect your organization to its PURPOSE and values
  • 9Inform, involve and inspire PEOPLE to engage in the change
  • 9Use an adaptable PROCESS to guide your journey

We start with understanding why you want to change and what impact you’re organization is trying to create. This helps establish where you are, identifies your goals, and builds understanding for the journey. We then engage your team, aligning them with your purpose and empowering them with a values-driven approach to successfully grow, adapt and sustain positive change.

What Can You Expect?

If you’re connecting with us it’s because you’re looking for change, or help in dealing with change. By engaging Light Trail you’re going to be supported through the whole process, which typically has the following phases of work:

  • Understanding – we meet with you and your team to explore your needs, assess your organization and explore any underlying issues. We do this to see what is driving the change, and develop clear expectations to frame our work with you.

  • Framing – we help you discover the real purpose of the change, the outcomes you’re looking for and the impact you’re trying to achieve. We collaborate on the approach to take and identify how to measure success.
  • Implementation – aligned with a common purpose and working towards clear goals, we guide and support the work, all while engaging and building capability in your team. We help hold people accountable, manage the pace of change and ensure we have the difficult conversations where needed to keep everything on track.
  • Support – need a check-in or additional support after our work? No problem, we’re there for you and happy to help. That said, we’re not aiming to build a dependency model – we’re clear on our role and our focus is always to enable your people to carry things forward and sustain the change.

We’re consultants, but unlike your typical firms, we’re a values-driven organization. What that means is we do the right thing – always. We’ll give you our best advice and we don’t sugar coat the situation. If we’re not the right people to help, we’ll tell you that as well, and give you guidance to point you in the right direction.

Ultimately we want to see your team grow their capability and your organization create more positive impact for your people, your communities and the planet.

Our Services

Light Trail empowers organizations by helping them align with their values and purpose, and use them to drive decisions and actions.

Creating Purposeful Business

Light Trail provides the in-depth knowledge and expertise to help guide and support companies to change with purpose. It’s a mindset shift that needs nurturing across your organization. Whether that means changing the way you do a few things or guiding you through the full B Corp certification process, we help you understand how to work on the most impactful areas and integrate the principles of good business. See Our B Corp page.

Guiding Successful Change


We help organizations and people adapt and deal with change in any situation. Whether through organizational-wide change, an enterprise system implementation, merger/acquisition, leadership change, growth or changing business models, or managing the impact of unexpected outside forces.

We help you involve people and explain the journey, to create engagement and support toward successful outcomes.


Developing People & Leadership

Light Trail advises, guides and works with leaders to build capability and resilience. We also provide a defined mentorship program for newly promoted leaders or those with a new scope of work. We build their ability to work through change or roadblocks and help them successfully manage large new initiatives and teams.

Building Organizational Effectiveness

Light Trail will evaluate how your organization is performing, whether its structure is supporting success, and assessing whether a change is needed. We also evaluate the performance of your work and help you understand if you’re working on the right things in line with your strategy.

Strengthening Values Driven Teams

We build engagement and trust within your team, align your resources and adapt processes in order to build effective organizations. By clarifying your needs, aligning with your strategy and driving a sense of accountability, we enable your people to grow and successfully sustain the change.

Navigating Strategic Decisions

Light Trail works with you to connect people to your purpose by creating a clear direction and an adaptable strategy that drives positive outcomes and daily action. We ensure your overall governing and decision-making structure is supporting your people, your organization and your strategy, and work with your Board and Leadership team to manage the change.

Who We Work With

Light Trail focuses on people and organizations who want to change with purpose and ideally embed it everything they do. These are the companies that recognize doing business like they’ve always done it is not going to cut it anymore.

Something needs to change and you just need some help along the journey. We also love working with non-profits, community service organizations and social ventures to develop and grow their effectiveness and help sustain their purpose.

Successful organizations of the future will all work to retain their unique perspective and place in the world while incorporating the demands and shared vision of all their stakeholders for better business practices.

Those who deliver on improved accountability, transparency and positive social and environmental impact will thrive. It’s not just about being the best in the world, but also being the best for the world.

We help guide you through this understanding by providing a different perspective to create clarity from the chaos.

Good for Profit
Business is changing

Stakeholders in your business, including communities in which you operate, are demanding more from your company. There are compelling reasons to make a shift towards new, more effective business models that consider prosperity and society to be tied together by the impact you have. Building truly sustainable value is not about sacrificing profit, it’s about successfully involving your community, managing your environmental footprint and enriching the lives of all your stakeholders. Maybe you want to become a Certified B Corp and use your business as a force for good? Perhaps you want to work with your supply chain to create better, more sustainable products and services for your customers? Do you want to introduce more transparency, embed better community engagement practices, or even radically shift strategy? In all these situations, making changes will positively change the way you operate and help your people thrive; it’s about your company creating a better legacy and long-term impact. We help you build stronger commitment by engaging people in managing these changes.

Good for Non-Profit Amplify your positive impact

If you’re a non-profit or community service organization aiming to deliver on your purpose, you might be limited by your sources of funding and are limiting your ambitions through a scarcity mindset. It’s also often difficult to truly build valuable and equal partnerships that create additional opportunities.

Clearly defining and embedding your purpose across the vision, mission, strategy and tactics of your organization is critical to success and helps create support for your broader outcomes.

Light Trail understands that creating value, building strong partnerships, or developing internal effectiveness to grow your positive impact is often difficult. You may not have the right in-house skill sets, or you might lack the entrepreneurial experience to move the process forward. Sometimes you just need an objective viewpoint to help you see the wood for the trees.

We help you navigate these issues, become stronger as an organization and ultimately amplify your positive impact.

Surrey Libraries engaged Light Trail to support the launch of a new service delivery model. Undergoing this transformational organizational initiative is exciting and overwhelming. Greg and Steve have helped us with this initiative over two years, providing strong support to our team. They’ve guided us to focus on connecting the initiative to strategy, linking to our purpose and values. They’ve helped draft communications and implementation plans and conducted assessments of progress. They’ve coached our team leaders, providing tactical tools and templates to build organizational capability and capacity.

Surinder Bhogal

Chief Librarian, Surrey Libraries