We focus on organizations wanting to transform, become more socially and environmentally responsible and ideally certify as B Corporations to join the growing movement of organizations using business as a force for good. We also help non-profits and social ventures develop and grow their sources of revenue to help sustain their purpose. We can provide that different perspective and create clarity from chaos.


The trick, or the secret sauce for successful organizations now and into the future will be working to retain their unique perspective and place in the world, while incorporating the demands and shared vision of stakeholders for better business practices. Those who successfully

deliver on improved transparency, social and environmental impact will thrive.


It's not just about being the best in the world, but also being the best for the world.


Got stuck? Need a specific skill set? Have something you can't quite pin down? ....really if you just have an idea you don't know quite how to bring to fruition or you need to be doing something different to be more successful, then we can likely help.

Good for Profit


Business is changing.

All stakeholders in your business including the communities in which you operate are demanding more from your company. There are compelling reasons to make a shift towards new, more effective business models which consider that prosperity and society are tied together by the impact you have.

Building true sustainable value is not about sacrificing profit, it's about successfully involving your community, managing your environmental footprint and enriching the lives of all your stakeholders.


Maybe you want to become a B Corp and use business as a force for good? Perhaps you want to work with your supply chain to

create better, more sustainable products and services for your customers? You may want to introduce more transparency, embed better community engagement practices, or even radically shift strategy?

In all these situations, this will positively change the way you operate and help your people thrive; it's about your company creating a better legacy and long term impact.

Good for non-profit


Grow your purpose.


For non-profits to deliver on purpose, be they charities, Government agencies, municipalities, or other types of organizations they are often limited by revenue creation and undeveloped partnership opportunities. Traditional sources of revenue may be drying up or are restrictive in their scope to help you with your broader goals.

Embedding purpose in vision, mission, strategy and tactics is critical to success. Creating an organizational structure together with the right products and services to support this alignment is also vital to deliver on this purpose.

We understand though that creating revenue through new products and services, partnerships or developing your own social venture to support growth is often difficult for non-profits. It may be that you don't have the right skill sets in-house or that you just don't have the entrepreneurial mindset to be able to move the process forward.

That's where we really want to help. We'd love to be a part of growing and helping you deliver on your purpose.


If you're interested in learning about the B Corp assessment, its business principles and how they can be implemented in your own company, or if you're a non-profit or municipality and want to explore new sources of revenue or creating your own social venture - we'd love to connect.