Change with Purpose

For most of us the last couple of years have been a bit of a jolt. That said, it’s given us the opportunity to take a breath and reflect, to understand what is important to us, and what truly brings value to our lives. Having explored what this really means, we feel we’ve arrived at an approach that provides the best outcomes for people, communities, and the planet.

At Light Trail, we’ve used this time to really hone in on work that provides the biggest positive impact for the organizations we work with, as well as more clearly formalizing an approach that is centred on people and purpose. If you’ve worked with us before, you’ll hopefully recognize that this has always been the case and that we do things differently to other consultants. 

We call this Change with Purpose.

  • Connect your organization to its PURPOSE and values
  • Inform, involve and inspire PEOPLE to accept, adopt and adapt to the change
  • Utilize an adaptable PROCESS to guide your journey

Whether you are a business aiming to balance profit with purpose, a non-profit with a mission to grow, or a community service organization that is working tirelessly to improve people’s lives, when you distill it down it’s all about changing a mindset. It’s about thinking and doing things differently, rather than necessarily doing different things. This is true whether you’re undertaking a large-scale transformation, resolving a challenging or complex issue, planning your organization’s future, or embedding more purpose across your organization to attract and retain the best and brightest people. 

Our experience with Leadership, Boards or Councils has shown that they often think they need to have all the answers, but that’s seldom the case. With a little help, these answers can often be unlocked from within the broader team, creating better buy-in and a stronger commitment to the important outcomes over the longer term. Your people really are the key to your success. By connecting them more deeply, you’ll create the positive impact for your organization and help build strength in your business, your mission or your community. By understanding what’s important to them and harnessing their passion in a sustainable way, you’ll enable their power to realize the value and outcomes you are aiming for.

This approach to embrace and benefit a broader group of stakeholders in your decision-making not only establishes a more inclusive approach, but also helps build a stronger and wider support network for you and your organization. It generates trust, which leads to better team performance and a deeper connection for everyone within your community that is vested in your success. 

Light Trail works with this people-first approach in everything we do and we are asked to help guide organizations in many different ways. Our main areas of focus include:

  • Guiding successful change
  • Creating Purposeful Business
  • Developing People and Leadership
  • Building Organizational effectiveness
  • Strengthening Values-Driven Teams
  • Navigating Strategic Decisions

Through these focus areas we help people understand and connect with the true purpose of the organization and recognize how this can benefit everyone involved. We’re not here to give you advice and walk away. If you are aiming for more purposeful work and to have more positive impact, we are there with you all the way. It’s about building resilience and capability across your entire team so they can understand how to move things forward and then manage the change themselves. 

So, if you feel this approach is what you need, we are here and ready to support you or your organization – just reach out and Contact Us. You can see some examples of our client’s case studies and testimonials here. We also really appreciate referrals and if you can think of others that might benefit from working with us, please make the connection.